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Lane 2013 Colt By BriscosFrenchBullion x RRR Dinkys Rare View



"At Crown Royal Farm Each Mare is our Top Priority...."

* Reproductive services with Dr. Hugh Gibbs & Sylvia Howell

* Mare Management

* Artificial Insemination

* On-Site Breeding to Farm Stallions

* Receive Semen (Cooled & Frozen) From outside Stallions

* Excellent Lighted Mare Motels

* Year Round Mare Care with Orchard Grass/Alfalfa

Price List

Board Rates:

* Dry Mare (Mares without foals by their side) - $12.00 per day

* Wet Mare (Mares with foals by their side) - $14.00  per day

* Boxed Stalls - $18.00 per day

**If Additional Shavings requested $8.00 per day

Mare Foal Out Fee: $400.00 plus $14.00 per day board.

Our foaling Stalls are under 24 hour camera Surveillance and Bedded with Straw.

Shipping Fees:

* FedEx Overnight - $300.00

* Counter to Counter - Add $185.00 Subject to airline rate changes

* Farm Pick up - $175.00

Embryo Transfers:

* Call For Complete price list.

Freezing Semen Services Available:

* Call For Complete price list.

2017 CR Rode Ta Fame colt Dam Now I Got It

Lay Ups

* Here at Crown Royal Farm Stallions we offer lay ups if your equine athlete simply needs "Down Time"

* Hand walking

* Hot Walker (When Deemed Ready)

* Icing if needed

* Chi Machine Treatments

* Phototonic Torch Treatments

* Please contact Crystal Howell (909) 322-7018

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  Ranch Contact: Sylvia Howell (909) 322-7072

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